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As daily operations meld ever intricately with the worldwide web, servers have become vital for businesses to empower their connection within and without and provide great assistance to the human factor in order to ensure smart offices and that their productivity operate superlatively. This is especially indispensable for franchises, organizations and enterprises who desire to stay one step ahead of the fierce competition waiting in every field in today’s globalized markets.

Boosted Performance

Seamless networking through the establishment of an network hosted independently, reducing the cost of bandwidth performance through the absence of third-party access.

Configurability & Flexibility

Configure your office server in accordance to any specifications you require and insert exceptions into network security measures as your office requires.

Instant Delivery on Demand

Hosting servers are highly available – each server asset can be set up, prepped and ready to enter operational standards within the hour on order. Terms and conditions apply.

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Enter a whole new frontier of network grading with BGP bare-metal servers that consistently raises the performance cap of every connectivity specification you can think of, whether it is accelerating HTTP pages, dramatic reduction of latency or running parallel speeds for each connected device. Sign up for yours now!

2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690

HDD: 4 x 136 GB  SAS

5 IPs Included
50 mbps Guaranteed

$ 350 /mth

Available in Location:  Hong Kong, Singapore,  Taipei,  Seoul, Tokyo

2 x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660

HDD: 2 x 255.63 GB SSD

5 IPs Included
50 mbps Guaranteed

$ 350 /mth

Available in Location:   Seoul, Tokyo

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Introducing BGP’s Bare-Metal & Dedicated servers

Here at BGP, we are prepared to help you by offering to upgrade your company with the sale and/or leasing of Bare-Metal Servers and Dedicated servers that help you make the most out of your workplace productivity.

A bare-metal server delivers unconstrained volumes of natural energy principally for streamlined and intelligent processing, granting accelerated power to enhance daily Input/Output operations in the office up to its maximum talent. Their enormous capacity would also allot users with widened virtualization – suitable as a stepping stone to ease first-time users as they get used to server applications.

As for dedicated servers, as the name would suggest, is a server bound intricately to a single user/office network, maintaining it with protection from any outside intrusion. With the freedom that comes with it, the server will therefore have the same operational prowess that could rival bare-metal servers, with the additional advantage of configuration according to the personality/usage of you and your office along with long-term contracts that brings discounts on many of the operational costs down the road.