Media Streaming Anytime, Anywhere

BGP servers hook up your office with agile access to any media content networks worldwide. At any time, any day, you will be able to download and/or upload with ease even the largest media files through your server territory almost instantly.

Live Streaming

Stay in touch with important events and developments around the globe. Witness them live as if you were there!

Video on Demand

Stream any video of your choice without the interference of high-volume demand.

Get extra value from your media streaming services

Our team is always ready to help you with your media streaming needs. Just get in touch with us and our experts will aid you setting up relevant infrastructure!

China Access

Stop getting conned! With BGP China Access you will readily get the best interconnectivity and routing out of your China servers without having to deal with shady telco providers within the mainland

Cancel it anytime and pay as you go

Asia Access Pay-As-You-Go

Pay what you desire through BGP’s most flexible Asia Access packages! Whether you have budgeting worries or desire a beta test, there will be something for you!

Cancel it anytime and pay as you go

Asia Access Packages

Get the best of BGP Asia Access services! Soar across every Asian network hot spots to your heart’s desire through BGP’s customer-oriented Asia Access bundles that guarantees top-of-the-line Asian server access networking!

5 TB - 9 TB
10 TB - 19 TB
20 TB - 49 TB
50 TB - 99 TB
100 TB - 199 TB
Above 200 TB