Connect to your server from anywhere in the world

BGP collaborates with Citrix to bring you Citrix RD – a remote access platform that offers users fast and secure mobile access to their office apps and desktops from any device.


Access your office desktop and applications from anywhere at any given time, with all the security and industry-level network processing that comes with.

Citrix Receiver

An easy-access network client platform. Tailored specifically for users for access through any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets.

NetScaler Gateway

An application that assists server administrators by combining all network management issues into a singular comprehensive but made-plain system, granting permissions for remote access everywhere.


Acts as an in-enterprise app-store that issues grants of authorization for employees.

HDX Technology

Provides users with the experience and simplicity of using their own office desktop from a remote access device.

Remote Access

Perform daily operations without having to enter the office. Work from home if needed!

High User Accessibility

With straightforward mechanics, ease of access and endurance, Citrix RD caters to users of any level of computational proficiency.

Balanced & Secure Access

Users can carry out tasks online without worrying about systemic problems or intruders.

Citrix RD gives you the edge to stay above the cut!

Citrix RD affords additional flexibility and accessibility, as well instantaneous user input at any time – a feature vital as countermeasures are often called for in emergency situations. It can also play the role of adjusting workloads as everyday office operations slowly takes to mobile devices (even for official activities) around the globe, while also providing balanced protection along with streamlined, unimpeded web access, guaranteeing safe transmission of each single iota of sensitive data.

Difference between Microsoft RD & Citrix RD

Apart from Citrix Remote Desktop, Microsoft also offers their own copyrighted version of remote desktop platform styled as Microsoft RDS. While there are considerable features offered by Microsoft’s own platform, Citrix RD is still easily the better platform as its versatility caters to one and all.