Have your cloud the way you want it!

Cloud hosting can prove to be adverse to organizational security because the storage locations is often left unspecified and open to excessive public access – giving almost no guarantee of file safety. However, with your own Cloud host, you can constantly maintain protection over your files as they will be kept in a segregated location within, protected by layers of user-authentication security but always ready to be shared and synced with any admin-approved devices hooked to the cloud.

On-Demand Scalability

Extend the available resources for your web apps through BGP’s scalable offerings for on-the-go network provisions.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Your cloud server is guaranteed a 99.9% uptime from the moment of deployment. You will be notified ahead of schedule for maintenance tasks.

Accelerated Network Speeds

Each of the BGP cloud server nodes are hooked up with servers operating at at least 10Gbit. We own and maintain our network equipment at the different data centers locations.

User-accessible control panel

The management of your Cloud hosting system comes under the usage of a user-friendly but complete control panel. It will display various statuses of your cloud server in real-time, and you would need just a few clicks to scale the system according to your needs.

Best-in-Class Offers

The importance in cloud networking is its guarantee of reduction on excessive server grid resource perusal while providing all the key network features you need for the best operational output: augmented application performances, heightened security, intelligent user controls and on-demand scalability.

BGP Private Cloud (Powered by ONAPP)

There is unlimited freedom with your very own BGP Private Cloud as the virtual storage system offers a boundless range of settings exclusively for your party. With the additional immense accessibility of an OnApp Management Platform, you’ll be able to monitor and enable additional resources to your business operations with a few clicks – managing everything as you see fit.

Our private cloud hosting solutions is prepared for quick deployment to support your businesses with a complete cloud management feature set, with the additional enabling of CDN, automated load balancing, auto scaling and so much more. Better yet, you’ll always be able to keep tabs with everything going on with your storage system no matter how complex your cloud infrastructure becomes.

A standard BGP private cloud host includes the following features:

  • OnApp Control Panel
  • Auto scaling and Load Balancing
  • Auto virtual backup mechanics
  • KVM or XEN deployment
  • Access to ONAPP Template Store

The BGP private cloud platform is built on enterprise-grade performance hardware from leading computing manufacturers such as DELL, and is guaranteed by service level agreements with a response team prepared 24x7x365 to provide any support and service you would require.

Our basic private cloud packages include the following items:

  • 2x Hypervisor Servers
  • 1x OnAPP control panel server
  • 1x OnAPP backup server
  • 1x 2TB RAID 10 SAN
  • 13 IP included, more available
  • 24×7 Enterprise support service

Choose the very best of both worlds

A single hybrid cloud hosting solution could link up dedicated and public cloud infrastructures, offering both effective connectivity and scalable virtual storage simultaneously. Alternatively you can make the pick to host it across any of your other dedicated, private cloud and public cloud components to pick out the best match for each service’s performance profile and traffic patterns, all of which depends exclusively on your preference.

The option of a BGP hybrid cloud solution can be reinforced with the robust features of a dedicated server infrastructure for heightened specifications, a shorter bill as well as vital security that provides networking privacy. You just need to deploy a dedicated hosting infrastructure beforehand. There’s also no CAPEX, or any of the potential effects of inexperienced handling of your own cloud.

  • Fixed costs with unmetered traffic
  • Consistent, high-power performance
  • For high volume I/O operations daily

You can make the choice of public cloud for on-demand scalability – for easy adjustment of all your cloud storage features with relative ease.
In addition to its elasticity, you can link your dedicated infrastructure to the public cloud services to enjoy a shorter bill that charges under a pay-as-you-use basis.

  • Dynamic-scaling for unlimited volume
  • Pay-per-use storage and hosting
  • Suitable for low/varied workload, but adjustable by demand

A typical species of hybrid cloud, hybrid clusters are utilized to augment service performance, cost control and enable heightened scalability.
Match each of your services to a dedicated or public cloud infrastructure according to its performance profile, cherry picking the most suitable characteristics for your service. Separating services also means your database, storage, application and web servers can be independently managed, scaled and optimized.

  • Cherry pick the best characteristics from any other hosting services ( i.e: public cloud scalability, dedicated server networking horsepower, virtualization flexibility)
  • Adjust your cost model by service, and pay-as-you use for variable or lower amount I/O operations(Note: there are fixed costs for higher usage services)
  • Monitor, and react quickly to handle adverse situations such as unexpected traffic spikes
  • Independently manage and adjust each feature of your service

BGP Public Cloud

BGP Public Cloud hosting is a recently developed but immensely effective user-friendly server solution that stands toe-to-toe even against traditional physical server solutions. By making the switch from physical servers to integrated and virtualized system storage, your office will have an immediate upgrade to a vast amount of resources perfected entirely according to your needs, with a 99.9% guarantee of uptime.

As many user feedback and research results had shown, cloud is also most appropriate for first-time users as the management for the hosting falls under a high-accessibility control panel. Any managing employee could quickly study the methods of controlling various facets of their cloud server with minimum input and unforeseen interference.

The scalability for cloud servers also benefits parties who have yet to ascertain the requisitions surrounding their storage and networking requirements. Given that physical hardware requires no little investment, cloud is the mighty alternative that will prove to be a perfect match for your server needs, bringing you the dynamic resources to be deployed instantly and reduces the hefty costs of building a private server room in the process!