The importance of keeping your network and cloud running even in the case of unforeseen elements cannot be more emphasized. When disaster strikes, you must maintain the vital functions of your servers with access to critical applications and services to keep your business going.

DR Consultancy & Planning

We provide advice and draw out plans which goal is to minimize the impact of disasters on your business functions.

CloudDR by BGP

A recovery site prepared for the cases where the primary data centre is incapacitated – specially brought to you by BGP for Cloud hosting clients

Disaster Recovery Management

Mapped-out processes like Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Recovery Timeframe and Recovery Point Objectives are set in motion when disaster strikes, and revised periodically as required.

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To this end, BGP DR services offer a complete plan that is essential to shielding and recovering vital applications and modules within your network. Through experience, certified solutions and the incorporation of the latest ideas in DR frameworks, BGP is your perfect partner in the planning, implementing and executing of DR processes for your organization.

As an example, you can seek the help of our DR specialists who can recover all your disaster-hit applications and storage (from both virtual and physical servers), or alternatively go with the option of automated recovery which in turns minimizes the cost of salvaging your network.

Our plans are universally applicable to any form of server and storage system (whether it is complex, hybrid or so forth), and for additional DR assurance, our network layer has been empowered with a range of security and connectivity options, including:

BGP DR plans also come with additional flexibility. Your protection scale can be adjusted by demand in order to compensate for your budget and other requirements, all the while keeping your grid safe from any potential disasters in the future.

* Site to site VPN
* Private network links including MPLS and point to point layer 2 links

Users who can opt for BGP’s disaster recovery coverage include clients hosting servers within BGP data centers, or on site/in house, as well as hosting with a third party provider.