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BGP consultancy is a certified cloud/server hosting company with the prime objective of gifting everyone a flawless network service and in turn a clear-flowing highway to the various corners of the World Wide Web. With staffed data centers established across the far reaches of Asia, we can easily provide one-stop solutions to any of your server requirements.


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What this service aims to provide is an easy guarantee of the safety and security of your server unit within the boundaries of reinforced data center security, and for quick servicing and deployment as our staff will be able to access your hosting grid directly for any configuration in no time at all.


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BGP servers hook up your office with agile access to any media content networks worldwide. At any time, any day, you will be able to download and/or upload with ease even the largest media files through your server territory almost instantly.


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We are Announcing Perfect Package for you GET STARTED WITH YOUR OWN SERVER TODAY!!

$350 /month
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R)
  • 2 x CPU E5-2660 0
  • @ 2.20GHz (32 Cores)
  • DDR3 RAM of 96GB
  • SSD 2 x 255.63 GB
$350 /month
  • Intel(R) Xeon(R)
  • 2 x CPU E5-2690 0
  • @ 2.90GHz (32 Cores)
  • DDR3 RAM of 192GB
  • SSD 4 x 136 GB

Why Us?

Boosted Performance

Seamless networking through the establishment of an network hosted independently, reducing the cost of bandwidth performance through the absence of third-party access.

Instant Delivery on Demand

Hosting servers are highly available – each server asset can be set up, prepped and ready to enter operational standards within the hour on order. Terms and conditions apply.

Configurability & Flexibility

Configure your office server in accordance to any specifications you require and insert exceptions into network security measures as your office requires.

Supercharge your Hosting infrastructure today!

Get in touch with us if you’re ever unclear about what solution best fits your business or personal needs. Our experts are always welcome to helping you identify what will bring the most bang for your buck!


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Stay protected at all times and don’t worry about security for your servers, data and services. Rely on us to take care of your platform from external threats and natural disasters alike.

On-site Security

Top-notch physical security at data centers including personnel and hardware level monitoring.


Deliver services amidst the noise and stay unaffected by excess traffic that might slow down regular servers.

Power Redundancy

We make it our passion to ensure that your servers stay active and have a 99.99% uptime all the time.


Enjoy maximum network output by ensuring your BGP server is upgraded with our internationally acclaimed global carrier-grade connectivity!

Satellite Access

Get unprecedented network coverage across the planet through our satellites today!

Disaster Recovery

Don’t let nature get in the way of your business’s success – guarantee sustained operations through cold/hot recovery sites!


BGP is a server host provider based in the Asian region, holding a strong dossier of happy clients who approached us for their dedicated and cloud hosting needs. With presence in countries such as China, Japan and Singapore, all businesses can now find and instantly deploy the perfect BGP hosting solution that fits them!

World Class Data Centers

Leverage our data centers across South East Asia including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China Japan & Korea.

Top-Tier Network providers

Get best-in-class network performance from industry leading top-tier telecommunications and network service providers.

Self-Managed hosting

Take control of the hardware you need today with our cloud hosting solutions scaled to fit your needs.