Have an expert manage your server for you!

BGP will always be glad to assist your organization in protecting and maintaining your networking wealth and server properties through the provision of in-house staff who will assume complete control over all things technical. Any uncertainty and issues concerning your server along will be handled by them as they attend to the more complicated aspects of hosting and server management.


Our BGP Security layer provides 24/7 surveillance and periodical threat reports. While protecting your grid with latest developments in cyber-security, every data center is also shielded with top-class disaster prevention and mitigation systems.

Integrated CDN

We are ready to produce efficient delivery of content, media, and applications within your own network grid as well as to other locations.


To keep servers running with maximized performance every second of every day, data center personnel will keep watch and ensure that the utility power systems, cooling density and wiring are in their finest settings.


BGP lends a hand to clients to keep server assets secure through periodical renewals of vital backup data, ensuring that your data is always secure and a quick restoration is prepared should worst-case scenarios occur.


Our staff, learned and experienced in network management, will be honoured to actively provide administration assistance and reports of your day-to-day networking situation.

Stop worrying about maintaining your servers today!

Let our experts take over and manage your server from end-to-end, so you can stay focused on your core competencies. Rely on us to deliver solid uptime and server performance everyday.

Expert Management of Services

In lieu of your requirements and demands, our employees will also be prepared to educate your IT-handlers in certain fundamentals of handling the configuration of BGP-issued networking assets. It is absolute certainty that you will be able to enjoy the comfort of effortless and polished daily I/O operations at any given hour, as our capable personnel will be at arm’s reach to help and handle even the most unpredictable of outcomes!