The importance in MPLS networking is a guarantee of reduction on excessive server grid resource perusal while providing all the key network features you need for the best operational output: augmented application performances, heightened security, intelligent user controls and on-demand scalability.

Using MPLS, your organization will be able to cut off any bothersome networking red-tape through the avoidance of network presets or bandwidth demand required by more outdated server models. Additionally, you will enjoy ‘any-to-any’ connectivity by default, with the additional insurance of a second MPLS circuit directed from you to the BGP core so that there will be a destination outlet where your applications can be redirected towards if the first was hit by disaster.

In BGP, there is hardly a need for us to demonstrate the need for an MPLS network; we use it in our own servers. Whenever any BGP clients get connected to BGP’s core grid, BGP uses MPLS to keep their traffic securely appropriately segregated while providing access to an entire new suites of enriching data services, meaning that you can get to use whatever applications you need in time at all with zero complications.

And there’s more! We are also ready to provide any circuitry specifications as a means to meet client requirements whether it is for their budget, server capacity or regional availability. As an alternative, you may choose to open an access account for your party within the core for easy management.


MPLS networks enable international businesses to direct and combine innumerable business applications within a single, user friendly and high accessibility private network meshed from across diversified ranges of points of access.

Modern MPLS Technology

he bleeding-edge of MPLS technology for fine network privacy and performance.

Advanced Security

Provision of key security features including network independence for additional resilience.

Migration Friendly

Provisional support for network migrations and any similar services.

Various Vendors

Multiple choices of circuit suppliers available on client request/demand.

Assured QoS

Full service management including Service Level Agreement (SLA) and Quality of Service (QoS) guarantee.

User Portals

Online service portal for self-monitoring and periodical network performance reports.


Listed below are one of the few of numerous advantages MPLS networking will be able to quickly deliver to the doorsteps of any of your servers and networks as soon as it goes live:

Centralized Performance Control

All network devices are monitored independently by BGP 24/365 to control web traffic and provide serviced-assured bandwidth and quality networking privacy. It also keeps prioritization over critical applications and speeds up even low latency data.

Data Security

With a distinct separation and isolated service away from all public internet services, the creation of your own Wide Area Network (WAN) over MPLS infrastructure is perfectly secure.

Single Point, Diverse Services

With MPLS, each client-subscribed connection has “any-to-any” connectivity that gifts the option to issue support for multiple services for maximum operational efficiency when conducting any networking activity across different regions.


Upon activation, BGP will open an account for you in our exclusive MPLS online service portal for easy access to your network performance reports and any affiliated usage.

Cost Control

BGP carefully selects and recommends the single individual circuit that will be the most cost-effective for our MPLS users based solely upon their needs.