Satellite Access

BGP partners with Asia Sat to offer exclusive quality guaranteed satellite access services issued via C-Band, K-Band and KA-Band frequencies transmitted from static satellites orbiting the Asian region.

P2P Satellites

Point-to-point satellite connectivity for unbridled networking that is geography independent and reliable

Blazing Fast Data Speeds

Get data transmission speeds of up to 200 Mbps immediately upon signing up.

Industry Leading Technology

Industry-spec equipment delivering C-Band and Ku-Band service for optimized performance

Asian Coverage

Concentrated coverage of satellite access over major technology/cultural/social hubs in the Asian continent

Expand your infrastructure to cover the skies!

Get redundant, reliable and robust satellite coverage to augment your existing networking infrastructure. Get in touch with us today to explore your options with us.

VSAT for High Speed & Unlimited Volume Shared Access

A Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) act as the beating heart for satellite data volume exchanges; and though lesser scaled it is immensely powerful – enabling both high speed data exchange and unlimited volume shared access. Access for the latter is based upon a subscription where a specific data transfer speed has been predetermined.

*Note: VSAT and shared accesses are both regulated by fair usage policy.

Dedicated Satellite Services

BGP SCPC service brings clients dedicated point-to- point satellite connectivity, a perfect medium for service-guaranteed bandwidth. It is an optimized solution adjustable for customers who need dedicated point-to- point satellite connectivity for connection to certain remote sites. In addition to empowered connectivity, our SCPC is imbued with digital modulation and advanced error correction codes including a third generation technology satellite modem that offers consistent and high availability and strength in redundancy. It is also designed to be scalable to cater additional bandwidth by demand, a feature that offers more accommodation to clients’ budgets.