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Available by demand, BGP co-location services are best choice for anyone who finds it hard to spare office space or who have budget difficulties in setting up pricy private data centers.

Our service aims to provide an easy guarantee of the safety and security of your server unit within the boundaries of reinforced data center security, and for quick servicing and deployment as our staff will be able to access your hosting grid directly for any configuration in no time at all.

Currently, BGP provides co-location hosting service in 5 major networking hubs (Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea). Each of this point of presence is well-equipped in preparation for instant hosting unit deployment, and provides the secure protection of top-tier data centers as well as a connection to telco grids with the strongest and most accelerated networks.



BGP Network deliver scalable and speedy internet access. We partner with Tier-1 infrastructure service carriers and data center to enhance our bandwidth capacity and diversity of routes that results in faster download speeds.

We deliver a broad range of data products to help you with secure and versatile connectivity, International Ethernet Private Line (IEPL) and/or International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC). All BGP server users will be presented with adjustable plans for their servers to issue bandwidth capacities ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. Our premium bandwidth through top-tier service providers, including China-dedicated connectivity.

Our ability to decipher latency congestion within installed system allow market user to experience speedy access to data feeds. We also provide IP connectivity from an extensive range of leading service providers from different countries helping us reduce the impact of latency in network system.

A dualized power center with high availability and backup generators on standby for redundancy. CCTV surveillance are placed around building, with biometric identification measures and man trap entry protecting server fields.

We offer our user with selections that is tailored to your business needs and budget.

Full rack with rack space 42U

Our solutions are accessible in different countries to provide full geographic resilience for users across regions: Singapore, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the United States.

Our Network Operation Center (NOC) operates 24×7 to assist you in all technical support needs, regardless of time zone. Our technicians are knowledgeable in designing solutions that cater to your IT infrastructure to keep your system secure and operating efficiently.

Get a home for your server now!

BGP's co-location services offer leasing of server space within our expansive data centers, issuing carrier neautral connections within a safe and secure location to host your network grid. Get your now!